• From being a clueless high school graduate to being a law student at one of the best universities of the country, NLSIU Bangalore, it has been a long journey. But this journey would not have been possible without iQue ideas to guide me along the way. Starting from some extremely helpful career counselling by Mohit Sir, iQue ideas has provided extensive material, conducted countless mock tests and renewed my motivation when needed. The faculty’s patience in explaining concepts and clearing doubt has gone a long way in honing my skills and getting over my worst fear, Maths. For anyone giving a competitive exam, iQue ideas will be with you every step of the way and ensure that you achieve your desired result.

    Adit Munshi,

    NLU Banglore, 2015

  • I was fortunate enough to get my clat preparation from Ique Ideas. I was already in class 12th and in dire need of an effective clat coaching and Ique Ideas came to my rescue. The teachers are phenomenal. The classes are interactive and fun so that there isn't any unnecessary pressure or burden but at the same time gravity of the exam is kept in mind. Regular class tests and GK sessions kept us intellectually engaged. Periodic sessions on personal development kept us motivated throughout.

    Shubhangi Singh,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • The one year I spent at Ique ideas were the most enjoyable, the most interesting classes probably I've ever had. The amazing faculty, with a multitude of innovative and creative teaching styles always made sure that we just didn't learn but also understand what we were doing. Their primal focus on the core concepts and fundamentals of all subjects, the way they taught us all of it from the basics was the main reason we all cracked the entrance tests. The learning and experiences I gained at Ique didn't only help us get into good colleges but it'll also be with us for years to go after that.

    Neil Shroff,

    NLU Delhi, 2015

  • When 12th grade ended, I was very disoriented and confused about my future and so i decided to join iQue ideas. It not only helped me prepare for competitive exams thoroughly, but it also showed sincere confidence in my abilities and prospects, which in my opinion is extremely important. From smooth classroom teaching to complete moral support at exam centers, I always had a sense of belonging to the institute. It not only helps you prepare for possible careers, but also guides you individually in the right direction. I had a very pleasant experience at iQue ideas.

    Rajsi Rajora,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Ique ideas, well where can I start. Ique ideas itself is a destination rather than your medium to get you where you are. I honestly had no idea about its existence until I decided I wanted to do law, when an ex student of Ique suggested me about it. It was fantastic. The teachers are amazing and always more than glad to help any student in time of distress and always in reach. The teachers adapt their teaching method according to the students due to which the students never feel lost in class. There are no dull or boring lectures at Ique as each class consists of something new to learn every time. All in all Ique has been very helpful to me and it helped me get admission into an esteemed university hence proving itself and making me realise my true potential!

    Rohan Ved,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Ique ideas have always being an awe-inspiring name for me because of the quality it possess. It is an alter ego of "instrumentality". It was a great experience for me to be at ique for 44 days. The knowledge, strategy and the success ingredients served by ique were and are still useful in my life. The classes were extremely interactive especially that of legal reasoning and mathematics. Every minute at ique turned out to be an hours of career lessons for me. I thank the entire ique team for the academic as well as nonacademic support provided throught the course. Thank you ique for giving me what i wanted.

    Aditya Gor,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Well....I did a crash course fr d month of April may 2015 for CLAT at ique or I should rather say that we had camped in at ique for 40 days at ique as it felt to me as home. Though it being the only coaching class for all the nonconventional courses in Gujarat it is one of the best examples of a happily and informally run organisational structures. Each of the faculty seems to have this amazing aura and caliber in the assigned field. Sathya Sir and Mohit Sir literally are intellectual rockstars. You can have conversations with them from Folk Music to Rocket science. They basically have this mesmerizing oratory and human skills which can make you believe in your work and yourself. Manisha Mam, Chandan Sir, Hyndvi Mam and Firoz sir have impeccable methods of teaching. The virtual learning programmes, course materials and reference materials add on to the excellency of Ique.The non- teaching staff and the faculty adopts you from the time you get admitted here. Honestly speaking, at ique, I have had my memories, friends, smiles, laughter, love and an adorable set of teachers and staff. if I can get into India's 4th best law school by studying virtual for some time and a crash course then with a little more work a student undoubtedly would make into his or her preferred institutions. Believe me folks nothing from the above is an exaggeration...Keep Rocking P.S. don't forget to take a ride on Mohit Sirs Harley

    Praher Vaidya,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Preparing for the CLAT is much more than an endeavour to secure admission at a premier University. At Ique ideas, the academics centres around overall development of your personality. Moreover, the courseware aims to improve your skills. This has been immensely helpful even after taking the CLAT. Basics of Law and allied fields that were brilliantly elucidated at Ique Ideas have been invaluable to understand complexities of law at University. Ique Ideas is fantastic for CLAT prep and more...

    Aamer Shah,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • When 12th std started, I had no idea what i was going to do after school. Then I came across Ique Ideas and that helped shape my focus and career path to a large extent. The way Ique Ideas helped me to balance 12th board academics and my preparation for CLAT and other entrance exams is really commendable. I feel Ique Ideas can be highly useful to anyone looking to give an entrance exam because they take care of each aspect, from providing material to actually being present there at the exam giving much needed last minute encouragement and advice!

    Malhar Desai,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • I had wanted to do law ever since the start of my final school year. I had made a drastic decision of changing my choice career at relatively the lost moment and I was lagging behind most students preparing for various law entrance exams. Ique Ideas ensured that I did not miss out on a fair opportunity to compete with students who had been preparing for much longer than I was. With comprehensive tools and material and amazing guidance and pedagogy, the center gave me a fighting chance to compete against 45,000 other students. If it weren't for Ique Ideas, I'm pretty sure my future wouldn't have been this secure and steady and I most definitely wouldn't be studying in one of the most prestigious universities of the country.

    Ryan Mitra,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • My time at iQue has been memorable. I'd like to thank satya sir for excellence guidance and mohit sir for the good counselling. Mohit sir was a great mentor and helped me during stressful situations. Satya sir was the best teacher and would solve doubts anytime of the day. I'd like to sincerely thank the ique faculty to help to reach National Law University

    Harsh Andani,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • I did 1 year course at ique and this 1 year changed my life today i am in 4th best law school of india and this credit goes to ique ideas. Faculty at ique is exemplary they are like einstein in there subject. Mohit sir was like power house. In las lecture he told us that if you want to succeed "hathiyaar mat rakhna aur aage badhna" this became a motivational tag for me .satya sir sirf naam hi kaafi hai his knowledge was above par. Manisha mam was very much supporting and generous and ready to help at anytime we tell her . Chandan sir was mastermind in maths his short tricks today also i don't forget . And a special thanks to firdaus sir for his motivational lectures. This 1 year at ique was a golden phase of my life which taught me many things.

    Harshul Vaghela,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Always known for nurturing young minds and providing a platform to make their dream come true with developing their IQ and intellect, these are very few prominent reasons which made me join IQUE IDEAS. But when I joined IQUE then I realised its not always cracking any competitive exam that matters but preparing for that competitive exam makes your mind develop and raises your IQ. I highly recommend people to join IQUE IDEAS for not just your bright future but for your right future!

    Saumya Raval,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Always known for nurturing young minds and providing a platform to make their dream come true with developing their IQ and intellect, these are very few prominent reasons which made me join IQUE IDEAS. But when I joined IQUE then I realised its not always cracking any competitive exam that matters but preparing for that competitive exam makes your mind develop and raises your IQ. I highly recommend people to join IQUE IDEAS for not just your bright future but for your right future!

    Surya Vasu,

    NLU Delhi, 2015

  • I was a part of Ique Ideas' two year marathon batch. My experience at Ique Ideas has been amazing and it was more than just academic learning. It is believed that school is your second home and through my experience I say that Ique was my second school. So in a way Ique acted as my third home. I still recollect the learning and fun in the English class of Hyndavi ma'am and Manisha ma'am. The short cut techniques of Chandan sir and Sunil sir helped me a lot in wading through the quantitative aptitude section of different tests. Satya sir's class on reasoning and legal aptitude were a delight to sit. Apart from helping in preparation for entrance tests each faculty member gave a moral support and guidance throughout. What I learnt in Ique came to aide not only in CLAT but some of them come to help even today. Mohit sir's motivational and especially time management sections; Firdose sir's soft skill seesions help even today while appearing in various interviews in the college. For someone preparing for CLAT or other entrance test I strongly recommend joining Ique Ideas.

    Jayaditya Mallik,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • Before joining iQue ideas, the thought of attaining an NLU was not imaginable for me. I had always wanted to do law, and dreamt of doing it from one of the best universities for law, in India. I had seen past CLAT papers, and realized they were fairly tough, and lengthy, but coming to iQue Ideas surely gave me reassurance. Chandan sir's tactics on solving mathematics was a major reason I didn't run short of time by the margin I had expected. Sathya Sir must have heard this several times, but his classes are genuinely interesting, and something which can persuade even the least inclined person, to study. The way he taught, and explained made us comfortable towards the dreaded Logic section. He introduced us to one of the most important aspects of the paper, the Legal section, and he covered it so well. Manisha ma'am's mnemonic styles and persistence towards making us learning vocabulary was immensely helpful, even if it needed a lot of hard work in class. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank all the faculty members, but more than that, iQue ideas in whole, as an institution, that made this possible. Mohit sir's ideas and ways towards solving the paper, managing time, and so on, will be a major contributing factor towards my scoring an NLU. I genuinely thank them all, and will always will.

    Rutvi Pandya,

    NLU Gandhinagar, 2015

  • The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. iQue ideas did the perfect job of boosting our CONFIDENCE and than adding the flavour of KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS in me to crack all the competitive exams. Their student friendly approach from both the teaching and Non-teaching staff made us feel the best There really are no words to express gratitude for all that iQue Ideas does.

    Rutva Shah,

    Narsee Monjee Institute of Business Management, 2015

  • First of all, thank you IQUE for the experience. At the risk of sounding like a “brown noser”, I do have to say that my journey @Ique was a rigorous process, deeply educational, and rewarding. The coaching was always a pleasant and learning experience, very empowering, encouraging, and it challenged me. The coaching curriculum was exceptionally enlightening. The teaching methodology was quite unique. Co-operative staff and teachers like friends played a big role to get me into my desired college. Techniques by Chandan Sir and Sumit Sir made Maths easy for me like never before. I was then always able to nail the quantitative aptitude section easily. Learning Logic from Sathya sir was truly inspirational and hence it forced me to think out of the box and gradually it helped me solve any given problem. Hyndavi Madam and Manisha madam helped me come out of my greatest fear that I had to appear for any competitive exam:-English. They changed my attitude towards the subject and their methods were so interesting and informative that I started loving the subject. Inspirational speeches by Mohit Sir always kept a hope in my eye that I would be able to nail the exam. Personality development classes by Firdose sir helped me nail my Personal Interview Regular tests, councelling sessions etc. helped me very much. In short, Ique is the best place to learn with the best faculties. I gained a lot of knowledge and I started loving all the subjects and also ended up in entering my desired college. Once again, Thank you to all the faculty members. IQUE ROCKS

    Sahil Shah,

    Nirma Institute of Management, 2015

  • IQUE the right institute for the (b)right future. Student entering this coaching institute for preparation of any kind of entrance exam will definitely crack every type of examination. The faculties over here are friendly and helpful and create the warmth and atmosphere which is required by child to be prepared. Not only theoretical knowledge of the student will increase but he/she will also develop a personality which will make him stand apart as compared to students of any other institute. It basically nourishes the mind and increases the thinking capacity of the student along with excellent knowledge.

    Meharbanali Dua,

    IHM Gandhinagar, 2015

  • From the beginning of the one year course, ique ideas made sure that we get the best material and help. They provided us with an ideal environment to study and gain the maximum knowledge available. The vast options of books that could also be borrowed from the library was an addition to the state-of-the-art technology which is used for imparting education. The students could spend hours studying in the classes comfortably with the professors solving the queries as well as refreshing your minds with interesting and mind boggling puzzles. They made sure that we wouldn't get tired with the endless materials and kept encouraging us throughout the year.

    Shanaya Udeshi,

    Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, 2015

  • Ique Ideas is an institute which helps you cover the distance between your dream college and you. It does not only help you get into your dream college but also makes sure that it is the right one for you through continuous evaluation from the faculty which ensures you have the best in every field and will make sure you give your best in every exam you give. It basically is the journey from ground zero to getting into the college which is best suited for you.

    Aryan Patel,

    Christ Institute of BA Economics(HONS)

  • I would like to thank Mr. Mohit Mangal, Mr N. Satyanarayan and the entire iQue Ideas team for imparting knowledge, getting me and my entire batch trained for the aptitude exam. Their teaching style is totally different as they just don't teach us but with the great sense of humor they made learning a lot of fun. I would like to share my experience, I joined iQue Ideas just before a month of my aptitude exam i had hardly anytime left to prepare for the exam. I was very sure that I could not crack the aptitude exam but all the time iQue Team motivated me and helped me to remove the fear. Before joining iQue Ideas I was person who used to remain isolate and shy, I would like to thanks Mr. Firdose not just for teaching but also for making me extrovert,fearless as now I am able to talk easily to any person. I am pleased to be a part of iQue Ideas family.

    Shreedha Vyas,

    Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, 2015

  • A year at ique ideas has not just enriched me with immense knowledge but has also added a new dimension to my personality. And henceforth I express my gratitude towards my teachers at ique for shaping my future bright. # ProudToBeAnIQuer

    Urvashi Kapale,

    Nirma Institute of Management, 2015

  • I would like to Thank Mr Mohit Mangal and Mr N.Sathyanarayan for imparting in me and all the other students of my batch with knowledge and making us capable enough to crack the aptitude exam. Their lucid style of teaching and great sense of humour made learning a lot of fun. I feel extremely proud to be a part of IQue Ideas family. I would like to share my experience. I joined iQue ideas as I wanted to crack CLAT. I was very sure that I won’t get admission in a good National law School, but all the time both Mohit Sir and Sathya Sir motivated me and made me capable enough to crack CLAT and get admission in NLSIU, Bangalore.

    Ayushi Sutharia,

    NLSIU Bangalore, 2014

  • Studying at iQue ideas was a very enriching as well as memorable experience. I think what sets iQue apart from other training institutes are the interactive and practical discussions over and above theoretical sessions. Also, the fact that Mohit Sir, Sathya Sir and all other faculty members are so approachable created a very free atmosphere which made studying easier and more fun!


    Jindal Global Law School, 2014

  • I was able to crack CLAT and get into GNLU only because of the training and guidance I got from iQue. I have finally achieved a dream I had seen two years back. Thanks a lot Mohit Sir. Without your constant guidance and morale boosting, I would not have made it here. I had great fun, learning at iQue and really miss my days there.

    Ishani Dave,

    GNLU Gandhinagar, 2014

  • I am indeed grateful to you and the team at iQue Ideas for their able guidance which led to my son's selection in IHM Bangalore. Since the hotel management entrance exam falls right after the board examination, it is really tough for the children to clear the same as there is hardly anytime left to prepare. I was sceptical too when my son told me about the crash course available at your institute. However, we still gave it a try. To our surprise, in such a short span, my son was able to clear the entrance exam and I think the entire credit goes to iQue faculty team. Thanks for the wonderful support without which my son would not have been able to pursue a course of his choice.

    Sangeeta Rai,

    Mother of Akshay Rai (IHM Bangalore), 2014

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