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“Not mere Education, we believe in stimulating the persona of the pupil”

iQue ideas Pvt. Ltd., since its inception in the year 2008, has been perpetually empowering the students to outshine in the discipline they opt.

The zeal to transform and carve a niche in the Educational World kindled Mr. Vinod Jindal, Mr. Firdose Kapadia, Mr. Mohit Mangal, and Mr. N Sathyanarayan to transpire their dream into reality.

With the multiplicity of courses, we undertake Career Counseling for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students, so that the students have a clear view of the courses and their underlying career prospects. Furthermore, we train 11th, 12th and First Year (College) students for Post School Entrance Exams in the disciplines of LAW, Business Management, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, Liberal Studies, Economics, Social Science and more.

The faculty members at iQue ideas are Post Graduates from reputed Universities of the country. Further, they focus not merely on the academic content but the right strategy that will help the students crack any entrance exam. Moreover, our personal mentoring, one-to-one counseling to the students at every stage, help them select the right college.

At iQue ideas, we thrive to help students embark a trip towards a bright future.

What We Offer

IQue ideas is an excellent destination for students who are planning to appear for various entrance exams after completing std. 12 at school. What makes iQue ideas, a top destination for entrance exam aspirants?


Excellent Teachers

Led by 5 Time CLAT Cracker, Sathya sir, the teachers at iQue ideas have vast experience in coaching students for specific entrance exams.


Study Material

The well-structured study material including text books, exercises and model test papers help the student study and evaluate their performance in a systematic fashion.


Online Support

Online Quizzes, Notes, Regular quizzes, Videos and Computer based Tests help students practice at the comfort of their home and prepare for Online Exams.


Mentoring and Counseling

Our mentors assist students in not only the learning the subjects but also managing study schedules and developing skills necessary for academics beyond just the entrance exams.


Pre and Post Exam Support

We help students in selecting which exams to give, filling in their forms and navigating the complex admission procedures after clearing the written exams


Well Equipped Class Rooms

Well lit and air conditioned classrooms with modern technology to aid in traditional and modern forms of learning and a well-equipped computer lab are standard facilities offered to all students.


Mr. Mohit Mangal


Mr. N. Sathyanarayan

Director (Academics)

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate you. The very fact that you are reading this is a sign that you have seriously started considering about your future. Selecting the right career in advance and preparing to achieve the same in the right fashion is not something that every student does. However, it is something, which they must!

The world is a competitive place. Higher education, in India, is getting more and more intense. While aspirants for seats in various national institutions are on the rise, the number of seats available is hardly keeping pace. As a result, it is really tough for students to get into the top education institutes in India. While the talent is present, students often lack the right guidance to lead them towards success.

iQue ideas was conceptualized as an institution that is not just a run-of-the-mill producer of academically bright kids. We, at iQue ideas, believe in giving the right guidance and encouragement to every student who aspires to reach the top. Our goal remains to produce bright, conscientious, resourceful and morally upright students who would be an asset to the society.

Our core philosophy remains ‘Student First’. We staunchly believe that every student has the potential to realize his/her dream. All that is required is a little bit of determination. Perseverance and loads of hard work. However, we also believe that every student is meant for a particular stream. It is the duty of the teacher to identify the true potential of the student and point the student towards the right path. Academic success – as reflected in school test marks – is not the only sign of potential. Given the right grooming, any student can achieve the career of his/her dreams. Sometimes, it is not academic knowledge, but lack of motivation that pulls a student from realizing his/her full potential. The true teacher provides not just (academic) knowledge but all the elements (like motivation and extra-curricular information) to see the student scale heights of success.

Teaching, for us, is not a business – it is a passion; it is a duty; it is a higher calling. If the quality of teaching remains top notch and there is no compromise with it, rewards will automatically follow. The Indian Constitution (Article 51A (j)) states that “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavor and achievement”. We have taken this duty to heart and constantly strive to excel in our ability to provide the right career guidance and education to bright young minds.

Wish you all the very best for your future!

Team iQue ideas

Mohit Manhal

Mohit Mangal

MD & CEO - iQue ideas

Career Counselor & Motivational Speaker Read More

Email: [email protected]

N. Sathyanarayan

Academic Director-iQue ideas

Mentor, Teacher & Entrance Exam Strategist Read More

Email: [email protected]

Firdose Kapadia

Mentor & Founder Director

Motivational Speaker, National Trainer & Life Coach Read More

Email: [email protected]
Pallvi Mangal

Pallvi Mangal

Managing Director-Sphere InfoTech Email: [email protected]
Chandan Jha

Chandan Jha

HOD Mathematics Email: [email protected]
jigar shah

Jigar Shah

Head-Finance and Accounts Email: [email protected]
swati shah

Swati Shah

Head-Business Development Email: [email protected]
Aishwarya Chhasatia

Aishwarya Chhasatia

Head-Research Initiatives Email: [email protected]
bhumi mehta

Bhumi Mehta

Manager-Business Development Email: [email protected]
nitigna raval

Nitigna Raval

Head-Information Technology Email: [email protected]
Divya Jadav

Divya Jadav

Manager-Sphere InfoTech
ayushi shah

Ayushi Shah

Asst. Manager-Sphere InfoTech

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