Career Prospects after Bachelors in Arts / Social Sciences

Indian Civil Services: The Civil Services Examination is used for recruitment for many Indian administrative bodies. It has three stages – Civil Services Aptitude test (CSAT), a main exam, and an interview.

Start own Venture: Establish your own private Business based on your area of Specialization and Interest.

Research & Academics: Teaching has always been a popular destination for humanities graduates, and this doesn’t look set to change. The excellent communication and organizational skills you’ve been honing throughout your degree could give you the starting point to a successful career in teaching. Humanities research teaches us about the world beyond the classroom, and beyond a job. Humanities scholars explore and teach ethical issues, and discover how the past informs the present and the future. You can write and publish books and papers in areas of Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Linguistics and Languages, Philosophy, Literature etc.

Corporate/ Private Jobs: You’re likely to be studying for a humanities degree based on your passion or aptitude for the subject; something that employers will value particularly highly. You can work in the areas of Marketing or Journalism, Psychology & Counseling, Public Sector or at a Charitable Organization, Teaching etc.

Join Government Organization: As a humanities graduate, you will most likely have the essential skills needed to excel and enjoy a career Public Sectors – good team-working skills, the ability to deal with people as well as excellent communication, organisational skills and an ability to work under pressure.

Higher Studies in Humanities, Management and Communication etc.: After graduation, the next step is getting a masters degree like MA, MSW, MRS, M.Phil etc. And after that if one is still enthusiastic, then they can go for a Ph.D.

Start own Venture in Social Service/NGO: Help mold the next generation and bring awareness about the issues of society and deliver solutions for the same.

Job in Social Research: Undertake research projects in Government or Private sectors to investigate a number of social issues and then report their findings.

Banking / Insurance Job: Job roles in these sectors will require specific skills, the most common requirements are: Proficiency in sales, stock market knowledge, mathematical aptitude, mutual fund awareness, and knowledge about banking operations.

Indian Armed Forces: A graduate can join through the Combined Defense Services examination as a regular/short service commissioned officer. Training for regular commissioned officers is carried out at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, known as the cradle of Military leadership. Those desirous of joining the Short Service Commission get trained at Officer’s Training Academy at Chennai and serve for a period of five years. On completion of this term he can either resign or opt for an extension for five years or a permanent commission.

Archaeological Survey of India: Work as a Photographer, Deputy Superintending Conservative Assistant, Surveyor, Additional Director General, Joint Director General (Finance & Accounts) etc. with Archaeological Survey of India.

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