Degrees Available in Arts & Social Sciences Education in India

Degree Level Duration Eligibility
BA / BA (Hons.) (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)) Bachelor’s 3/4 Year 10+2
BSW (Bachelor of Social work) Bachelor’s 3 Year 10+2
BRS (Bachelor of Rural Studies) Bachelor’s 3 Year 10+2
MA (Masters of Arts) Master’s 2 Year Bachelor’s
MSW (Masters of Social work) Master’s 2 Year Bachelor’s
MRS (Masters of Rural Studies) Master’s 2 Year Bachelor’s
B.Lit. (Bachelor of Literature) M.Lit. (Masters of Literature) BOL (Bachelor of Oriental Learning) MOL (Masters of Oriental Learning) BPS (Bachelor of Population Studies) MPS (Masters of Population Studies) M. Ind. (Masters of Indology) BSS (Bachelor of Social Studies) B S.Sc. (Bachelor of Social Science) restructured as BA (Literature) MA (Literature) BA (Oriental Learning) MA (Oriental Learning) BA (Population Studies) MA (Population Studies) MA (Indology) BA (Social Studies) BA (Social Science)
M. Phil. (Master of Philosophy) Pre Doctoral 1.5 Year Master’s
Ph. D. / D. Phil. (Doctor of Philosophy) Doctoral 2 Year Master’s
D. Litt. (Doctor of Literature) Post Doctoral —– Ph.D.

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