Specializations Available for Electives or at Master Level

Financial Accounting: Financial Accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that keeps track of a company’s financial transactions. Using standardized guidelines, the transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet.

Finance: Finance specialization is designed to provide future professionals in finance with a strong understanding of the inner workings of finance organizations like banking, stock market, brokerages etc. The program thus aims to provide students a glimpse of how domestic and international finances work. Some of the basic areas of study are: International Finance and Trade, Financial Statement analysis, Real estate investment, Commercial bank management and Risk management.

Business Management: Managing administrative tasks for a business by your understanding of accounting, marketing and administrative procedures those are required in order to run a business.

Digital Marketing Management: An increasing number of people spend their time on the internet. Digital marketing is an emerging field dedicated to showcase brands to an internet enabled audience in a swift and focused way.

Event Management: Event management is a growing field that involves the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, trade shows and product launches. Event managers combine creative skills such as promotion and brand management with more practical ones like budgeting and scheduling.

Family Business & Entrepreneurship: Family Business major provides a training in business, finance, marketing and management principles so as to enable the student to take up leadership roles in managing, scaling-up, or turnaround of family business and craft a business plan to start an enterprise. The major helps build effective skills to assess risks associated with a business, make responsible decisions and recognize opportunities within and outside one’s own businesses.

Foreign Trade: Also known as International Trade. It involves the import and export of goods and services across borders and its related aspects like Government policies, Economy, Currency, etc. that impacts the international trade.

Hospital Administration: Handling daily business functions of a hospital including personnel management, development of policies and procedures and management of financial issues.

Hospitality Management: Hospital Management is a focused course to educate students to the managerial aspects of hospitals and healthcare. Apart from the core managerial study modules this specialization course trains students in Accounting, logistics and operations, brand marketing, HR management, health insurance and finance management aimed at healthcare service administration.

Human Resources: Human Resources Management is a specialization that gives a firm grasp on the core tenets of the art and science of managing people in an organization.

Import-Export Management: Import-Export Management provides an understanding of international business, marketing and foreign exchange. This course would enable a new manager and entrepreneur to identify financial, legal, and marketing needs of foreign trade.

Infrastructure Management: It includes infrastructure related to IT, Real estate and Urban infrastructure, Construction and Urban infrastructure which deals with planning, organising and maintaining the respective system in alignment with the objective of the project.

International Business: Studying international business will provide student a mix of basic business knowledge, insight into various international policies and other content related to the global business world. Students learn all of the fundamentals of business, typically including courses in finance, accounting, economics, and advertising.

Management Communications: Planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization, and between organizations systematically.

Marketing & Advertising: Evolving marketing strategy, setting sales target and monitoring distribution and customer service by working with media to create visual components that complement the overall strategy.

Marketing Management: Marketing Specialization is aimed at the future professionals of the Marketing field. It deals with exposing the prospective customers of the products and services. Marketing professionals deal with products development or services of a business.

Retail Management: Retail concerns itself with the sale of goods or service. Retail Management is concerned with analyzing the supply, monitoring retail orders, merchandising, human resources and stocks etc.

Systems & Operations: Managing the planning, organizing, and supervising of various productions and manufacturing services of an organization by turning inputs into outputs in an efficient way.

Tourism Management: Tourism Management revolves around a few core subjects that include the essentials of effective Communication Skills, Ticketing Public Relations and Tour Guiding Skills. The more technical aspects are covered in Tourism Policy, Travel Management, and Air Tour Operation. (Source: Quantum University)

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