Specializations available in Hotel Management

Dietetics & Hospital Food Services: Helping people make healthy food choices, separating fact from fiction and distinguishing healthy eating plans from those that don’t provide optimal nourishment.

Housekeeping: Performing light cleaning tasks in homes and commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Food & Beverage Services: Preparing tables (table setting) for a meal, taking customers’ orders, serving drinks and food, and cleaning up before, during and after servings in their workplace.

Accommodation Operations & Management: Ensuring that every aspect of hotel operations happens, every day, on time and within budget and managing staff, budgets, processes and more.

Food Production: Performing the process in which raw materials are cooked, combined and transformed to make a dish.

Bakery & Confectionery: Working towards innovating and experimenting in order to make an end product (Cakes, Bread, etc.) which not only tastes delicious but looks extraordinary.

Front Office Operations: Controlling the operational activities of the hotel front desk within hotel procedure to provide the highest standard of courteous service while permitting acceptable profit levels.

Hospitality Administration: Directing several services, such as food preparation, hotel activities and guest accommodations, combined with the management of general business tasks, such as accounting, marketing and sales.

Front Desk Management: Managing front desk clerks, schedules employees and handles employee issues before they escalate to upper management.

Sales & Marketing: Managing the marketing strategy, advertising, promoting and sales of a hospitality property’s products.

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