AAT: Eligibility Criteria

Once an applicant has completed all the components of the application process, the Admissions Committee will evaluate their candidature to shortlist them for the Interview Round. The Office of Admissions follows the policies given below:

  • Ashoka University does not have a policy of deferral of admission. An Offer of Admission is only valid for the academic session commencing at the end of the Admissions cycle in which the candidate has applied. If a candidate wishes to delay their joining by a year or more, they will have to re-apply and go through the entire admissions process within the Admissions Cycle for the academic session they wish to join
  • Ashoka University does not accept credits transfer from other universities at the time of admission towards either specific courses or the Undergraduate Programme. If a candidate is offered admission to Ashoka University, they will have to begin their academic degree as a first-year Undergraduate student at Ashoka University, regardless of any prior time spent at another educational institution
  • A candidate is eligible to receive a firm offer of admission from Ashoka University based on their overall performance in their academic and non-academic pursuits as well as their performance in the Interview Round process. The academic parameters requires a candidate to submit grades/scores from Grades IX to XII. In the absence of Grade XII/Equivalent examination final scores, a candidate is required to submit Predicted Grades, which is considered as an indicative of their performance in their final Grade XII/Equivalent examination results. However, no firm offers or decisions will be taken based on the Predicted Grades of the candidate
  • For applicants whose final Grade XII/Equivalent examination scores are not available at the time of evaluation, the SAT/ACT or the Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT) may be used to make a firm offer of admission. This is especially helpful for the first and second rounds of admission where most applicants may not have their final Grade XII/Equivalent examination results
  • If a candidate is eligible to receive a Firm Offer of Admission from Ashoka University based on their overall performance and given parameters, in the absence of their final Grade XII/Equivalent examination scores, the candidate needs to have taken the SAT or ACT or Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT). Our DI Code for SAT applicants is – 7343. All applicants applying with SAT/ ACT scores need to send us their official transcripts.
  • The highest score out of the final Grade XII/Equivalent examination results or Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT) or ACT or SAT will be considered while taking a decision on the applicant’s candidature
  • Applicants who participate in the Interview Round but do not have any one of  the following: final Grade XII or Equivalent examination scores/SAT/ACT/AAT, are not eligible for a Firm Offer of Admission
  • No applicant who has participated in the Interview Round will be denied admission before receiving their final Grade XII/Equivalent Examination scores

Participating Institute

Eligibility Criteria

Annual Calendar

Mode and Procedure of Application

Procedure of Taking Admit Card

The selection process E-Admit card will be generated 3-5 days prior to the scheduled selection process date. It will be sent to the candidate through email.

Prohibitions during the Exam

Carry the Admit Card duly completed along with Ball Point, HB Pencils, Eraser and Sharpener to the test centre. Mobile and other Infotech gadgets are not allowed inside the test centre campus.

Process before and during the exam

Past year Papers

Format of the Result

The result for online applications shall be declared through the Login and Password generated at the time of Registration while the results for offline applications shall be displayed on the official website.

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