Master of Business Administration or MBA is a popular degree that equips you with skills to conduct, research, and handle a business efficiently. To simplify, a student who has completed MBA is a master in business concepts, knows how to use various business tools and procedures to plan, organize and run a business with an eye on earning profits.

A typical MBA course is of two to three years divided into semesters as per college curriculum. There are executive-MBA programs for working professionals, which are for a tenure of one to two years depending on the university and college.

Pursuing MBA is useful to students from two perspectives. One, where students could start their own independent business such as export or textiles business, a recruitment firm, a manufacturing firm or any other venture that lets them sell a product or service and earn profits. In a layman’s language, this person is the administrator for his or her business, which is run with support from friends and other team members with varied skills.

The second option for a person who has completed MBA is to join an organization that requires managers who have knowledge of various business tools and strategies such as costing, budgeting, delegation of responsibilities, emotional intelligence, and team management skills, to say the least. Organizations hire managers in order to “get work done” through them. A manager, therefore, is expected to be mature, understanding and possess sufficient people skills to create teams and elicit work out of them keeping in mind the cost and time constraints.

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