General Knowledge and Current Affairs

General knowledge and current affairs

There is no shortcut to mastering general knowledge and current affairs.

First, one must fully sync with present-day global and national affairs. Simultaneously, one requires to dive into history through reading. Reading helps you understand the events of the past, their reasons, and their effects. 

While we live in the tech age, one should start their day with a newspaper. Reading a newspaper is a good habit that keeps you aligned to knowledge in daily life. Facebook and Twitter are also good sources of information if you can filter them well. 

Besides, newspaper, one must get through old magazines and old film documentaries. These resources help you get precise and factual knowledge about the past event. Finally, a wide range of books is available dedicated to General knowledge. 

As a student, one must develop a habit of reading ten facts a day and memorizing them. Also, discussing events and issues of the past with friends and family members enhances the knowledge manifold.

However, to crack the entrance exams of a particular nature, one should understand the questions. One set of questions is appropriate for one exam but irrelevant for the other. To get to the bottom of this complex issue, one should revisit the previous years’ question papers.

One can quickly revise the past question papers to understand various questions. Develop extensive reading habits. You can use commercially available books to prepare for GK.

Also,  regularly access freely available websites and mobile applications for current affairs. Moreover, social media provides excellent and quick insight into the day’s current affairs. Besides, watching half an hour of news on television can refresh your memory and update you with the latest information. 

The syllabus for GK-CA is vast and ever-changing. Therefore, the student who regularly and religiously reads up on current affairs is the one who is going to be great in this section.

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