Legal Aptitude

Legal aptitude

It’s not about knowing the law.

Law aspirants are often daunted by the name of this section. They are overwhelmed by the thought of having to memorize laws and sections and articles and what not.

However, law entrance exams are not testing lawyers. It is for law aspirants. The student needs to have good reasoning skills and be proficient in understanding English. That’s all.

Once a student learns the basics of law, all that (s)he needs to do is read the given question carefully, stick to the rules and simply answer the exact question that is asked.

Once a student understands the purpose of this section and the way questions are framed, it does not require intense hours of preparation. Speed reading is an essential skill to crack this section.

Some exams contain questions of legal awareness as well. This is nothing but GK and Current Affairs from the world of Law.

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